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Beginning With Kettlebells And Confused

Hi, I’m a female newbie. I have the Enter the Kettlebell book and DVD and an 18 pound kettlebell and a 26 pound kettlebell. I’m confused. Why are there only 2 exercises in the program minimum? That doesn’t sound like enough different angles. Has it worked well for any of you? I’m into sports so I need performance, not big bulky muscles. Could someone please explain why a mere 2 exercises would help me? That doesn’t seem like enough variety.

I’m also confused about eating. The Warrior Diet and other methods contradict each other. Which one actually works? What workout should I do to lose weight? Only around 5 pounds.

How often should I stretch? Once a day? Twice a day? Every other day?


Posted by Vic on April 11, 2007

Tough Kettlebell Conditioning Workout

Here's a tough conditioning workout that should take about 15 minutes if you're in shape:

Kettlebell 2-Hand Swing 24kgx10
1 Burpee
Kettlebell 2-Hand Swing 24kgx10
2 Burpees
Kettlebell 2-Hand Swing 24kgx10
3 Burpees
Kettlebell 2-Hand Swing 24kgx10
4 Burpees
Kettlebell 2-Hand Swing 24kgx10
5 Burpees
Kettlebell 2-Hand Swing 24kgx10
6 Burpees
Kettlebell 2-Hand Swing 24kgx10
7 Burpees
Kettlebell 2-Hand Swing 24kgx10
8 Burpees
Kettlebell 2-Hand Swing 24kgx10
9 Burpees
Kettlebell 2-Hand Swing 24kgx10
10 Burpees

The above was done while wearing a weight vest with 18 lbs.

I was going every minute on the minute until round 6. I had to talk to my wife on round 8 when she dropped off my son. I needed to suck wind anyway.

Overall it wasn't too taxing but it was hard on the legs. Something about the transition between the two drills (and of course the vest did not make it easy either). My grip is still reeling following my second go of the Westside Snatch Workout.

This is how the burpees were done:

Swings were at least shoulder height.

Posted by Vic on February 20, 2007

Are Kettlebells OK For A 57 Year Old Mom?

My mother is 57 years old. She was just diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. She needs to lose a lot of weight (approximately 20-30 lbs to get her blood sugar to drop, and 60 lbs to be really fit). She has a history of high blood pressure and high cholesterol, but seems to have both decently under control with medication and exercise. She has a bad knee that will likely need replacement within the next five years. Her latest bone-density test showed that she's starting to show signs of increasing risk for developing osteoporosis. She has a pretty good diet but is now ready to make needed changes in caloric intake and consumption of healthy, natural food.

She's been cleared by her physician to exercise. She owns an elliptical machine that she uses for long-slow workouts a few days a week, but it hasn't really done much for her.

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Posted by Vic on February 05, 2007

Kettlebell Snatch Plateau: Breaking Through To The Next Level

At any Russian Kettlebell Certification course the typical failure rate is 20-35%. One of the main reasons for failure is not being able to pass the kettlebell snatch test. The following snatch variation (which is popular in Russia) may just be the thing to help you get bust out of your snatch plateau and hit the required number.

The technique is as follows:

1. Snatch the kettlebell.

2. Walk a few steps while still holding the kettlebell overhead.

3. Snatch again, walk again.

4. Lather, rinse and repeat until tired and your arm gives out.

5. Switch to the other arm and repeat.

Work up to the point where you can do five sets per arm.

This should be done once a week. Work on other types of snatches on your other training days.

This drill helps you develop a flexible, solid lockout that will enable you to rest between reps.

Posted by Vic on January 30, 2007

What Size Kettlebell To Start?

I'm planning to buy a kettlebell but I am wondering which size would be best for me, the 35lb or 53lb size. I am 6'2 240lbs and worry that the 35lb kettlebell would not be enough because I usually use dumbbells that are heavier than that during my typical workouts.

On the other hand, I would hate to let my pride overload my workout and end up starting with a KB that's too heavy and sacrifice good form.

Any suggestions from experienced kettlebell users would be appreciated!


Posted by Vic on January 19, 2007

Amazing Bonus Kettlebell Quick-Start Kit Offer!

I've been talking about kettlebells for a long time and I have to honestly tell you that I've never seen an offer like this come from these guys. Dragon Door was the first to bring kettlebells to the U.S. and is still THE source for kettlebells and related books and DVDs. They've put together a bonus offer that will last ONLY from January 16th through the 18th. Not only can you get up to over $1,000 worth of free bonuses, but they're offering a one year money-back guarantee! Here is some more information:

Pavel Tsatsouline and Dragon Door Publications are offering a remarkable opportunity to order not only in Pavel's acclaimed Enter the Kettlebell! training system, but to receive an amazing array of extra bonuses at no extra charge.

Best of all, there is ZERO RISK when you purchase Pavel's Enter the Kettlebell! program because it comes with a One Year, 100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee. If after one full year, you are not complete impressed with the advances you have made in your strength and conditioning, simply return the items for an unconditional full refund!

And you get to keep all of the bonuses regardless...

So what's the bottom line here and what's the offer?

You'll see full details about Pavel's Enter the Kettlebell! program further on, but first let's look at the astounding array of bonuses you'll be getting for no additional investment…

Here's the nitty-gritty:

For just three days only, from Tuesday, January 16 through midnight PST on Thursday, January 18 Pavel and Dragon Door are offering three powerful strength, conditioning and performance packages for you to chose from:

The Great Deal: Order Pavel's Enter the Kettlebell! book by January 18 and get $329.12 worth of free reports, ebooks, interviews, memberships and gift certificates from top experts in the world of high-performance and physical excellence.

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The Very Best Deal: Order the Men's 35lb Russian Kettlebell Quick-Start Kit, which includes Pavel's Enter the Kettlebell! book and DVD plus a 35lb kettlebell by January 18 and get not only the $329.12 worth of bonuses you'd get from the Great Deal and not only the additional $263.95 worth of bonuses from the Even Greater Deal but even more, yet another $526.90 worth of exceptional offers from the best in the business. That makes for stunning grand total of $1,119.97 worth of bonuses!

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Posted by Vic on January 16, 2007

What Does A "Kettlebell Physique" Look Like?

I have a question regarding what a person's body will look like after working out with kettlebells for a while.

Someone posted a similar question a few months ago, but I can't seem to locate it. What would all of you (in your experience) describe a Russian Kettlebell physique as? From training with kettlebells, what is your physique/build like?

Also, are there any success stories related to using kettleblls? Since I started I've dropped about 20 pounds and have gotten much leaner. It seems to me that my stamina has also increased. Any feedback is greatly appreciated!


One example


Posted by Vic on January 11, 2007

Knee Position While Doing Kettlebell Cleans and Snatches

I'm somewhat confused about the proper position and/or movement for my knees when doing kettlebell Cleans and Snatches. I've been to and watched various Kettlebell clips but I just can't seem to find a definitive answer to proper knee positioning.

I've seen some people do these exercises where you "catch" the kettlebell with their knees bent (presumably to absorb shock), just like the Olympic variations. But then I've seen other clips where the person doing the workout "catches" the kettlebell with knees straight, maybe even locked.

Which of these is the proper form?


Posted by Vic on January 08, 2007

Save $600 on the next Kettlebell Instructor Certification

Although it's only December, the June 2007 Russian Kettlebell Certification course is already 80% sold out. The good news is that if you want to make it into that certification class, you can still save $600 if you register and pay by midnight December 15, 2006.

The next open certification course will be held June 8 - June 10, 2007. Remember, this is the ONLY way to become a certified Russian Kettlebell Instructor. Once you're certified, other benefits included discounts on kettlebells, being listed in the trainer directory and more!

If you've ever considered become a kettlebell instructor or are a personal trainer who is looking for something to add to your skillset that will differentiate you from the competition, you really need to check this out.

For more information and to register click here.

Posted by Vic on December 11, 2006

Double Kettlebell Snatch: From Basic to Advanced

There is more than one way to do a double kettlebell snatch.

Mike Mahler's technique (Mike is a Senior Certified Kettlebell Instructor) is similar to that used by Olympic weightlifters. Mike extends his body and drives his elbows back in order to pull the kettlebells closer once they are level with his head. This kind of double kettlebell snatch pull is an extremely effective upper back exercise on it’s own. When using this technique you should do lots of sets each consisting of low reps. Do not pull with your biceps, use your upper back and momentum instead. Also, drop the KBs back between your legs in between each rep. Once you get the hang of it, practice dipping underneath the KBs and locking out upon completion of the rep.

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Posted by Vic on December 07, 2006

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