Are Kettlebells Too Expensive?

I find it funny how people react to the price of a kettlebell. Their eyes usually get wide and their mouth opens a bit, as if to say "Are you kidding?" I think their reaction is due to the fact... [ more ]

Kettlebell beginner: What size and exercises?

I'm going to buy some kettlebells but I have a few questions... What kind of exercises do you do with kettle bells? What size to get? I do have some strength and I'm afraid I'll outgrow the 36lb size quickly.... [ more ]

Kettlebells for increasing upper body mass?

Pavel, I have your kettlebell video and have made my own makeshift kettlebells. My main objective is to build some upper body mass. What type of routine would you recommend for putting some beef on the upper body with kettlebells?... [ more ]

Beginning kettlebell workout

This is what I've come up with in an attempt to ease into the program... Three days per week: - Military Press 3-5 sets of 3-5 reps - Cleans 3-5 sets of 10-15 reps - One-arm Swings 3-5 sets of... [ more ]

Ideas for kettlebell routines

I've received my Russian Kettlebell Challenge video and have already watched it twice, but I have no clue how to proceed as far as a program or routine is concerned. I have read a few posts about using ladders and... [ more ]

Are two kettlebells required?

Do some of the kettlebell exercises require two kettlebells of the same weight? Click Here for Answer... [ more ]

Using dumbbells for kettlebell training

Can dumbbells be used for the Russian Kettlebell Challenge without any loss of efectiveness or other benefit? Click Here for Answer... [ more ]

Benefits of kettlebells over dumbbells?

Pavel, I have been doing the routines from your kettlebell video & have been getting outstanding results. I would like to know what makes kettlebell training any more effective than doing the same exercises with dumbells? What are some of... [ more ]

Ok to start kettlebell training with dumbbells?

I am considering the kettlebell book and/or video. I believe I read that beginners do not need to start with a kettlebell, rather just a dumbell. Is this true or should I order the kettlebell immediately? I am not in... [ more ]

Will kettlebell training stunt my growth?

I just got my 1 pood kettlebell the other day and I love it. My doctor told me a while ago that I could lift weights as long as I stuck to the 3x15 rep scheme with light weights and... [ more ]

Buying kettlebells: In what order?

How would the comrades suggest one sequence kettlebell purchases, assuming you start with a 16kg kettle bell? In other words, start with a 16, then buy a second 16, then a 24, then a second 24? Or do the comrades... [ more ]

Using dumbells instead of Kettlebells

I don't have the space or the money right now to purchase kettlebells. Can kettle bell workouts be modified to incorporate dumbbells instead? I've found doing the Bear program is putting on some size, but I really would rather get... [ more ]

Kettlebell book or video?

I am curious about the contents of the Russian Kettlebell Challenge book vs. the video or DVD. I understand that the scientific "proof" of the benefits of kettle bell lifting are not entirely known. Given that, I'm curious as to... [ more ]

Will kettlebells make a previous knee injury worse?

I've had great success with PTP (Power to the People) but I was considering a kettlebell or dumbbell snatch program to shed some holiday pounds. How effective is this for trimming a waistline? I've had some knee problems including a... [ more ]

Which kettlebells should I buy?

Does Dragondoor offer 3 sizes of kettlebells for us to progress with or can anyone regardless of strength use all 3 sizes? In other words, if I'm already pretty strong should I just get the 72 pounders or should I... [ more ]

Buy kettlebell training book if using only dumbbells?

I'm just wondering since I live in England so i can't get kettlebells is it worth getting the kettlebell book as i will only be using dumbells. Click Here for Answer... [ more ]

Buying Kettlebells

If you're thinking of buying kettlebells, books, videos, or DVD, here you will find a summary of what's available as far as kettlebells for sale. Without a doubt, the undisputed place for buying kettlebells in the USA is Dragon... [ more ]

First kettlebell workout, first impressions

I can see why people call these things "Evil"!! I only have the smallest "weenie weight" kettlebell, and it was rough. Just doing 20 swings left me quite breathless. I did 25 minutes worth of various exercises, including the Military... [ more ]