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Kettlebell Snatch Plateau: Breaking Through To The Next Level

At any Russian Kettlebell Certification course the typical failure rate is 20-35%. One of the main reasons for failure is not being able to pass the kettlebell snatch test. The following snatch variation (which is popular in Russia) may just... [ more ]

Alternative kettlebell snatch technique?

Since it was raining today and I usually do my snatches outside , I had to do them inside with a pretty low ceiling. I'm using Ironmind kettlebell handles and if I do the "flick" at the top like Pavel... [ more ]

Kettlebell Snatch Form

I received The Russian Kettlebell Challenge book this week. After viewing the tape and now looking at the book, the technique for performing snatches eludes me. I am using dumbbells now. I have done loads of power cleans but never... [ more ]

Ballistic kettlebell movements better than plyometrics?

Are ballistic kettlebell movements better for dynamic atheletic movements than plyometrics? I was wondering if this study could be applied to kettlebell movements vs plyometrics for developing speed-strength (not strength-speed). Wilson GJ, Newton RU, Murphy AJ, Humphries BJ, Medical Science... [ more ]

I *LOVE* my kettlebell, but... lower back pain

I did a 2 week cycle of PTP and had NO back problems, even though I suffer from chronic lower back pain (which I've whined about here previously). I used what I believe to be very good form, holding my... [ more ]

Kettlebell total workload? Rep schemes

Is it safe to say that the total workload (total reps per workout) is the most important factor in a kettlebell workout? For instance in workout A I can use a 16 kg kettlebell and do 40 reps on my... [ more ]

Which muscles are worked in the kettlebell snatch?

Could you please list the muscles that are worked by the kettlebell snatch? Is it truly a total body workout? I know that the back and shoulders are hit hard but do they work the arms and legs adequately? Click... [ more ]

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